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Corporate Workshops

Helping you unleash creativity and innovation

  • We believe in the power of creativity, both as beneficial to our personal well-being and as vital to businesses and organisations to stay innovative and ahead of the game. We provide a variety of events to help your team develop their creative skills and to achieve their personal and organisational potential.

  • Making art is one of the best ways to keep the brain sharp. Expand your perceptions, widen your perspective, enhance observational skills and experience a terrific sense of achievement. 

  • Fun, friendly classes, suitable for all levels with a relaxed environment to liberate artistic growth, allowing unique styles to flourish in a stimulating atmosphere.

  • The BBC programme How to Stay Young lists joining a life drawing group as one of the best ways of keeping a youthful brain

  • Classes are structured around technical advice and group demonstrations with one to one tuition to enable participants to take the subject to their own level.  

  • Different themes available: Pop Art, Graffiti street art, Still Life drawing, Creative Mixed Media

  • Sessions can be tailored made for all projects and themes. All numbers and locations can be discussed. 

20100129 Maad art drawing class at the T
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